FreeVibe Gets Inspired By Wiz Khalifa and Encourages Us to Fly On a New Song

After having his previous release featured on blogs like ‘Playlist Gh’ and ‘The Fox Magazine’, FreeVibe comes again as he gets inspired by Wiz Khalifa into releasing ‘Let’s Fly’. This song explains the rapper’s course as a marijuana advocate and was produced by Lazzy Beats.

At the age of five, FreeVibe used to play with friends (using sticks as microphones and empty containers as drums). However, the rapper started writing his songs after finishing high school in 2013.

As Olivia Nicholls of Reyt Good Magazine says, “FreeVibe incorporates his native language and English together, which makes it refreshing to listen, as this helps to stimulate the listener and amaze them at his bilingual abilities.”

Visit FreeVibe’s EPK


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